24 October 2011

Welcome to Hoopington

I ran on the treadmill for the first time in years last week.  It is really a terrible thing and does running a real disservice.  I only lasted 2.25 miles then I threw in the towel.  There is no sense fighting it to do something that is monotonous and boring when the activity is actually something that you really enjoy doing if it outside. 
The silver lining of my treadmill torture was being able to read a magazine while running.  I cam across this article in Sports Illustrated and, despite having nearly zero interest in the NBA, this article really intrigued me.  I love hearing these stories of players getting back to their roots and ballin' with regular dudes, in pickup games, calling their own fouls, deals with ratty gyms, etc.  And this kids passion is pretty fun to read about.  "Sooo where is everyone hooping today?"  It also illustrates another very cool impact of technology and social media.

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