28 October 2011

Very Brief History of the Emoticon

Here's a short history on the evolution of the emoticon via Mashable. 
Interesting that in the hundreds of years of typed information, the emoticon didn't really occur until written online messages needed an emotional clarify-er. 
I did notice that students a couple years ago started switching their smilies around from :) to (:.
Also, I see a lot of slang text that use the Q button when they are typing a G, in lowercase.  It only works with certain fonts...q  q q - all Q's, but can pass for a G. 


  1. e-mot-i-con vs. emosh-i-con

  2. :)
    that was the first thing i thought of when i saw the article.

  3. My little uses slang text all the time. At first I thought we were going to have to work on spelling...turns out, I am just old and need to catch up with what the kids are doing these days