14 October 2011


Esquire has chosen her as their sexiest woman alive for this year.
They will get no arguments from me.  Their photoshoot is good but I've seen much better photos of her.  The interview is a nice, brief synopsis of where she's come from.  I love her, love her music, love her hair, love her island accent, love pretty much everything about her.  I don't love her high-waisted shorts but otherwise, she can do no wrong.  Check out this page to see 50 of her hairstyles...and ain't a one of them bad, messy, big, short, curly, spikey, mohawk, red, black, brown.
You can check out their "Other sexiest women" here.  Nice to see Beyonce and Mila on there.  As I think about this, I may have to assemble my own list...stay tuned.
[Gotta love having the day off! I'm so productive!]

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