23 October 2011

Penguin Stowaway!

I randomly came across this picture online today and had to check out if it was for real and where this "Table Mountain National Park" is at.  Turns out it is on the tip of South Africa, south of Capetown and they have a penguin population of 29 colonies of African penguin that they are working on protecting and restoring.  So it looks like there are 2600 penguins waiting to greet me down there... I just have to be sure to check under my car when leaving for any hiding sneakers.


  1. but what if some are really seeking asylum? wouldn't you help them to freedom? :)

  2. "any hiding sneakers" :)

    Just 1 more reason to visit South Africa!

  3. Penguin Liberation Front!!!

    I've always wanted to be a revolutionary.

    And, yes, no trip to SA would be complete without penguins interaction.