25 October 2011

New Header

I reached that familiar place in projects where I am just tired of working on it and I am nearing the end of my limited knowledge and I just want to be done.  So I am uploading my latest header.  It is an adaptation of this tutorial by Zeno Santos.  It was done entirely other than the finishing in Illustrator, which was a big challenge for me.  I did a lot of stuff I've never done before.  Not sure how much of it sunk in, but it was a good time.  I would like to do a few more of the steps like adding a stroke to each of the letters and I actually want to scrap all the clouds, but it would be a lot of work so I think it's gonna stay as is for a while.


  1. High five for challenging yourself with this project. I dig!

  2. one of your best works. available for a tutoring session whenever you want to schedule one!