10 October 2011

"Men have become tools of their tools"

I thought this was a nice breath of fresh air amidst all the craziness surrounding the apple event last week.  When you read tech blogs and people act like iPhone 4s or 5 is the most important thing in the world or when the Android/Apple comment wars get going, it is nice to counter all that with an article such as this one.  "Why I Dumped My iPhone and I'm Not Going Back."
I totally agree with many of his points.  For many in that generation, it is impossible to proceed with life if you can't check your phone.  If you forget your phone it is grounds for a complete melt-down and you must now rearrange your day to go home and get it because life without it is not an option.  I could go on (and I did actually.  I just deleted out the next three sentences because I didn't want to sound too preachy.) but instead I'll just point out that I like his Walden reference and that I am going to save this article for re-reading.


  1. great article. I like a cell phone but don't need the internet on it etc. I am not that techno so I might be biased. But... get outside, enjoy the weather,( good or bad) ---- that is time spent well. I agree with Thoreau on that. :)

  2. Loved this article. I can't say I'll never switch over to a smart(er) phone, because it can be very convenient, but as he pointed out in the article, it can be a huge distraction. I sometimes like not being so connected to the world.