31 October 2011

Kickers. :(

I definitely caught up on my college football on Saturday.  I hadn't seen College Gameday for a few weeks and was able to start things off right with that.  It seemed like a lot of close games and lots of kicker-dominated action.  Iowa misses two field goals (one of them off the goal post) and loses by a point.  Illinois misses a game ending field goal (off the goal post) that would've put the game into overtime, so Penn State wins and gets Joe Paterno his record-setting 409th win.  Wisconsin, incredibly, found a way to give up a game-losing TD catch in the endzone for the second week in a row.  Stanford and USC needed 3 overtimes to sort things out. Vanderbilt missed a FG to take Arkansas to OT (among other foibles). [sidenote: This cheap shot by Arkansas' Marquel Wade on a punt returner, after they had called for a fair catch, is awful.  Two silver linings though - the coach's behavior on both sides.  The Vanderbilt coach is intense and takes no chances in a brawl by getting his players off the field and calmed down. {side-sidenote: I have no problem with a coach grabbing a player's facemask to get a player to focus}.  And the Arkansas position coach, although no one seemed to reprimand him much when he first came off, despite that hit being in excusable, the player was still yapping on the sidelines minutes later and his ejection was delivered, the assistant didn't hesitate to collar him and forcibly help him to the locker room.]
Texas and Notre Dame both cruised to easy wins, but the most entertaining thing I watched the whole day was the Arsenal - Chelsea soccer match.  I used my projector and pulled up ESPN3 and had a fantastic big-screen.  I only caught the last 20 minutes but it was fabulous.  You can watch the full replay here, if you get ESPN3.  Or check out the highlights here.  Great win for the Gunners.


  1. good post and good recap for the day. iowa losing always makes for a bad college football day, but i'll admit it was another fantastic week of football. been a crazy season so far.
    good comments on the arkansas/vandy incident. happy that the announcers criticized the player and loved how the vandy coach acted. it would have pumped me up as a player. now, i don't think ferentz would act that way. don't think he'd turn the situation into an opportunity to pump up your team. love ferentz and think he is what iowa needs in terms of public image and player development, but those little things like the vandy coach did are missing.
    also, i owe you speakers.

  2. The kickers got a good hazing this week I bet....*sigh* kickers...