07 October 2011

Every Damn Day

31 runs in 31 days.
I saw this tshirt from Nike on this great tumblr feed, and I didn't think about it much when I saw it, but for some reason it popped back into my head a few days later.  That led to this resolution, I am going to run everyday for the next month.  I have been in need of some sort of running goal or something to work towards for quite a while now.  I haven't ran any  races since Dam to Dam and without that, my running schedule becomes rather flexible (not in a good way) and less of a priority.  So, instead of signing up for a half or something, this will be my new motivation.  It's great because running more often and more consistently are areas I've always struggled with.  31 days.  No days off.  At least two miles every day.  This isn't about building speed or endurance or anything, just getting out and running.  No excuses.  I'm hoping to find some ways to get in a few in the mornings before work maybe and hopefully this increase in calorie burning will help shave off a few unneeded pounds.  Along with this I am going to post everyday, some sort of motivational item.  A quote, a picture, a link, a video, etc.  There are lots of interesting tumblrs out there that are set up for this exact reason (fitspo) so I will be pulling from them probably. 
[I wrote this the last week of September but held off on posting it until I saw how the first week went.  I got up this morning and got a short pre-dawn run in so I am 7 for 7 so far!  More updates to come.]


  1. Oh, that is a great goal, Good Luck. Be Careful and wear reflective tape. I am the mom and I try to do my job. :)

  2. Love that tumblr feed!! You can definitely get some inspiration from a lot of those posts. (or whatever they call it on tumblr)

    Great resolution! Good luck!