17 October 2011

31 in 31

Halfway there and I'm still going at 100%.  17 runs in 17 days so far, and really there's only been one time when I really didn't feel like running (after a 12 hour day during conferences).  But even on that day, afterwards I was happy I ran.  There never is a run that you regret going on.  A few quick notes on the running so far:
  • Short runs.  I've become familiar with the short run.  Lots of 2.5-3.5 mile runs.  Up to this point all my routes were 4 or 5 miles, so the shorter ones have been a change.  It's been nice to just be able to squeeze a run in when I've got a free 30 minutes instead of scheduling my day around it.
  • New routes.  Squeezing a run in means runs throwing on the shoes, grabbing the watch and running out the back door instead of driving somewhere to run on my favorite route.  So I've been forced to put together some new routes and it has been GREAT! 
  • Gathering data.  I love spreadsheets and I've been logging my minutes, miles, temperatures, routes, partners, and I can't wait to make some charts at the end of the month.
  • Solo runs.  A majority of my runs have been solo this month which is a big change from my usual running schedule.  I love having good running partners, but it has been a fun change to roll solo some.  
  • A new running partner.  My rosary ring.  I found out that my short 2.7 mile route is just about the perfect length for a rosary.  And the prayers in the rosary are a great running mantra. 


  1. Excited to see the charts! Keep up the good work!

  2. Where is my rosary ring? I can't find it since the move. I am going to tap a Knight for one.... :) Eron?