14 October 2011

10 "Worst" Songs of the 80's?

Saw a link to this Rolling Stone list (composed by reader votes) on a music blog this morning.  I think that some of these are very enjoyable but probably have been drilled into everyone's ears for too long...and they are VERY 80's.  Nevertheless, I like a majority of them and I did listen to several on the list this morning, including #1.  Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. Fun list! A few thoughts:

    *Totally forgot about "Never Gonna Give You Up"!! You wouldn't expect that voice by just looking at him! He's got some pretty sweet dance moves though.
    *I feel like Wham! is the epitome of 80's music.
    *I may have to shop iTunes for "We Built This City". The only Starship song I have is "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us", which is also pretty great