07 September 2011

"What Men Think About Fashion"

A poorly guarded secret is that I enjoy a good fashion magazine, InStyle in particular.  homebase has been known to buy one for me on occasion.  It's the simple pleasures in life...and a mom that doesn't fret when her son has as much interest in the new fall fashions as she does. :) 
So there is a feed on my Flipboard app that is called FlipStyle and I skim it now and then.  There are some interesting and funny articles in there and one titled "What Men Think About Fashion" from Marie Claire caught my eye and gave me a few chuckles as a went through it.  A couple comments echoed my own thoughts exactly.  I appreciate the practicality that these male commentators view the runway outfits with.  Like, "I never understood this. Don't women understand we are attracted to women? We don't want them to dress like us."  But my favorite is, "Super-high pants will never be appreciated by a straight man."  Amen, brother.

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