14 September 2011


This saga was too bizarre to go unshared.  I left for lunch today and decided to head to Pablo's downtown.
  • I realized even before I left the building that I forgot my phone on my desk.  Not a big deal since I won't need it.  Didn't even break my stride and headed out into the perfect sunny cool weather.
  • The Jeep had given me a "low tire pressure" warning this morning so I thought I'd stop at QT and air up all 4 tires on the way to eat.  Pull off and pull up to the air pump..."Out of Order. Sorry for the Inconvenience."  hhhhh.  Fine, I'll just hit up a different QT on the way back to work.
  • Park in my regular spot and hop out to plug the meter.  First quarter dropped in....nothing.  Grrrr.  As if the city isn't charging enough already! ($1.25 for an hour!!)  Whatever, finish plugging it and stepped to the skywalk.
  • No cash in the wallet and Pablo's is a cash-only bodega.  So I swing by the ATM that I always hit.  "Out of Order."  Seriously! Ok, well, I know there is another one only a little bit in the other direction.
  • Wait for the lady in front of me to finish taking out her money at the Bank of America ATM.  I step up and it doesn't seem to want to suck up my card.  I jiggle it around, in and out, finally it takes it.  THREE DOLLAR additional charge! Holy moley.  I don't care at this point.  That burrito will be worth it.  $60 in cash please.  Transaction approved, it spits my card back out...or tries to.  The card is stuck.  And its still too far in for me to pull it out.  After about a minute of it just spinning and trying to eject it, it eats the card back up.  "Card retained for security. Contact customer service."  Did that just happen?!
  • Now I'm getting a little steamed.  I'm gonna call this 800 number on the ATM and get this figured out...err, wait.  No phone.  Aaagh.  Take a picture of the phone number with my iPad and walk off.  And sadly have to walk past Pablo's. 
  • And I have to leave almost all of those minutes that I just overpaid for on the meter.  (You're welcome, stranger!)
  • I've still got a credit card and am quickly losing my appetite so I settle for a QT hot dog.  I park beside the air pump (functional this time!) and air up both of my passenger side tires.  Yep, that rear one was ~5 psi under.  I hop in to turn around to air up the driver side tires and I'm in the middle of my three point turn when some other dude who's been waiting (and to be fair, probably doesn't realize I was wanting to be a responsible vehicle owner and air up all 4 tires) zips in behind me to start airing up.  :(
  • Get my food, arrive back at work, call BofA and turns out they destroy all retained cards every night.  Cool.  Call my bank, they are very helpful and are sending me a new card.  So no cash and no debit for the rest of the week.  
I'm chalking this up as an unlucky lunch and hoping that that string of events has run its course.


  1. that is unbelievable, I would have gone crazy if they took my card. Wahhh.. like that would help. YOu have to have a string of luck to make up for all that. Good Luck, ha ha. :)

  2. See, this is why I always carry cash with me ;)

  3. that does sound like a terrible lunch.

  4. no such thing as a free lunch definitely holds true here.

  5. Hi there,

    Your blog came up on the "next blog" thingy and stopped to take a look.

    I would have been absolutley furious after a day like you had. I am impressed that you seem to have kept your cool! Good for you.

    Have a great week!