26 September 2011

Trying Out the New Binoculars

No birder worth their salt can be without a pair of decent binoculars, so I decided to research the options, come to a decision and take the plunge.  After a lot of internet reading and trying out several pairs, I made my pick, the Nikon Monarch ATB 8x42.  And I bought them on the last day of a $50 mail in rebate!  They are super fantastic.  homebase came into town on Friday, and after a fun Friday night of Moneyball and Zombie Burger, we went out Saturday morning to do a little birding around Saylorville Lake.  I had found this great resource and it listed some good areas around the lake and without having to go to far, it sounded like it was just what we were looking for.  The area around the visitor's center is really nice and they have some trails that look promising.  It is a spot that I will definitely be coming back to.  We did see some fun things, an owl, a few kildeer, a Canada goose, Franklin's gull, either Herring gulls or Ring-billed gulls, Eastern kingbird, Great Blue Heron, along with the commoners (cardinal, bluejay, robin).  I can't wait to take the binoculars to a game and try them out there.  And we followed up our (very chilly) outing with breakfast at La Mie so it was definitely a great morning.


  1. That was a real special morning-crisp and I mean crisp weather(what were you thinking in those shorts sir?) no one around to disturb the birds, that beautiful lake with all the sailboats and waves on the water. THanks for sharing a great Iowa location. Your binos rock, better than mine but who's comparing--ME!! :)