14 September 2011

"Not all those who wander are lost"

I've never been a fan of this semi-popular bumper-sticker slogan.  Not because I disagreed with it but more just because I didn't really see the point of a statement that was so...hippie.
Anyways, I just learned this week that this saying is actually from a very popular book, and that has explained its popularity to me a little better.  I am wondering if it is a generational thing or if most people knew where this is from and I was just very slow.
Put your answers/guesses in the comments and I'll unveil the truth later today (or you can just look it up online after you've commented.)


  1. actually on second thought i think it sounds more like jack kerouac. change i change my guess?

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  3. homebase replied via email....

    "the bible-- a passage in the bible somewhere."

  4. caboose wins!!
    nice work. Yes, it was from "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring", written in 1954.

  5. About a decade before another Brit wrote:

    "We shall not cease from exploration And at the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time."