26 September 2011

Messi es enorme! (and so are Turkish women!)

You don't need to speak Spanish to enjoy this video clip.  The short write-up in English, the boy's face and Messi's actions are enough to communicate what transpired.  Enjoy.
And a bonus soccer story for ya...
I LOVED this story out of Turkey.  One of Turkey's biggest clubs had received a two match penalty, which usually means playing without any fans in the stadium, but as a result of a new rule change, they made the match open to women and children only.  Free tickets, and 41,000 took them up on it.  And it sounds like it was a win-win result because the players loved it too.  The pictures and the video are great. 


  1. what an interesting punishment. I loved the story and hurrah for the women and kids at the game, for free too. I loved that the players threw flowers into the stands for them. :)

  2. great kick around w/the kid and Messi. simple and amazing at the same time -- on both sides. the kid with no legs stopping and sending the ball back; Messi controlling and returning like a black belt performing Chon-ji.

    "a man who has mastered an art reveals it in his every action"

  3. that is a fantastic piece of wisdom there. i like.