12 September 2011


Forgetting my iPad last week, I was left with only the new issue of Juice to read as I dined at Pablos'.  In the spot where there is usually the latest issue in Tim Paluch's on-going "I'm actually from a much bigger, cooler city, but I sure love Des Moines because it lets me have all these quirky, endearing stories about being a first-time home-owner and dog parent" there was something different.  "The power of an invitation" by Andrea Otteman.  It showed thought, insight, feelings, and overall I thought it was probably the best thing I've read in Juice...maybe ever.  Friend silos are a part of getting older and moving through different phases of your life, but I agree that, when you are able to break them down, it is a good thing.  And, yes, some people will say no when they are asked, but you know what...some people will say yes too.  And they will be thrilled that they were asked.
This summer a friend (from the TEC/church/Dowling silo) contacted me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to fill in on his slow-pitch softball team.  That is something I haven't done since those summers during high school and college when my buddies and I played in the league back at Imogene that had teams called "Pepsi", "Pioneer", "Farragut Ag", "Co-op", and "Earl May's".  One pitcher was a farmer, well past 50, always wearing his Key overalls on the mound.  Great times.  But overall, my baseball/softball experience isn't very extensive.  I can hold my own at the plate, but I dread playing the outfield.  Reluctantly, I gave in to his persuasion ("We won't have enough people for a team without you!") and agreed to dig my glove out.  And you know what?  I had a ball.  The team was a handful of people from his old workplace, a few Dowling friends, and a couple of his softball friends that he'd played with on other teams.  So everyone had a similar level of awkwardness of not knowing people which actually made it fun.  And, actually, we won the league and tournament, no big deal. :)
So, I was the grateful recipient of an invitation and hope to pass that on whenever I can.


  1. Nice, fun to stretch yourself and have it turn out fun. :)

  2. Excellent post. I don't look at Juice too often, but that was a great article and something I can support.