05 September 2011

Fear the Turtle

I wrapped up the opening college football weekend (which I can summarize here - Hawkeyes rolled, weather was crazy across the Midwest, Wisconsin looks tough, enjoyed watching LSU take it to Oregon, the Auburn finish was unreal, the Notre Dame first half was a brutal example of shooting ones-self in the foot) by watching the Miami vs Maryland game tonight.  Hooray for Monday Night Football that is not the NFL!  I grilled up some nice burgers & topped them with some fresh guacamole and paired them with mashed sweet potatoes.  Sliced peaches and ice cream for dessert.  A great finish to a great weekend.  Anyway, I digress, back to the Miami game.  As I turned it on I was shocked to see the get up that the Maryland players were wearing.  Under Armor has them in some crazy half & half helmets and it turns out it is part of their new uniform line that includes 3 different helmets and dozens of jersey and pants combinations.  The half & half outfit includes arm sleeves, gloves and wildly jazzy shoes.  The team warmed up in their white uni's and helmets and then, unbeknownst to them, when they came back in locker room pre-game, their surprise uniforms were there waiting.  (I wonder if there were any "Do we have to?" comments)  There are a few cool combinations in there but I am too much of a fan of classic uniforms to appreciate these much.  Check out the full line here.  Lastly, there was a commercial for University of Maryland during the game and it featured their slogan (which I was unaware of), "Fear the Turtle".  Love it.
[Edit. stoppable just illuminated me to the fact that Under Armor is owned by a Maryland alum.]

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  1. Dinner was great. I have the leftovers packed for my lunch today. (and it was very nice to let me get away with being of little help to you)

    "fear the turtle" - fantastic slogan!!