02 September 2011

Checking In with the 2011 Checklist

See live contagiously's recent post on checking their progress on their spring goals reminded me that I should probably do the same since we are 2/3's of the way through with 2011.  After all, if there is no accountability then there is no action...
So my post from January 13 listed the following as my checklist for the year...

Travel abroad for another volunteer vacation - This did not happen.  I instead focused on my masters thesis, but I am planning on something big for next year.
Ride RAGBRAI, (if not travelling abroad) - This also did not happen.  This was the last week of July and I had a wedding in KC, and car repair issues and I had definitely not put in the training miles, but more on that below.
Do a 2 day ride on the Raccoon River Trail to Jefferson & back (if not doing RAGBRAI) - I really wanted to do this but couldn't fit it in my schedule for my short 4 weeks of vacation.  It is still at the top of my biking adventure list.  If I get a crazy hair, maybe I can squeeze it in on a fall weekend.
Complete my Masters project - Done, completed, finished, passed.  I can't even tell you how good it feels.  And it'll feel even better in a couple months when I get the pay increase!
Have a Chicago weekend by Megabus - Kicked around some dates and checked into it a few times but this has fallen through the cracks so far.  May get to cross it off later in the year for a Chicago kristkindlmarkt family get-together.
Daily Mass twice a month - I did really well on this until about May and have slipped a little but now that I'm back working again, I will get back at it.  I love popping in to the little St. Anne's side chapel at St. Ambrose downtown for a quick 25 minute mass and focused homily before walking over to Pablo's for a quick burrito!
Ride at least 300 miles on my bike - Two times in the saddle.  One for 10 miles.  One for 45 miles.  Not good. 
Run at least 500 miles - I stopped keeping a log of my miles after July 1.  At that point I had 259 miles, so I was ahead of pace for my goal.  I have dropped off since then mainly since I don't have a long race to train for, plus that week or two of ridiculous heat in July broke up my routine.  I am looking forward to adding a longer weekend run (or ride) back into my routine.
Play some basketball, tennis and golf outside this summer - Check. Check. And check.  And I've enjoyed all of it. 
Read more books than last year - Hmm.  22 books on last year's list, I'm at 17 currently.  So I'm a book or two ahead of the pace.  I have been on a dry spell the last month or two, and am ready to jump into something good.
Volunteer locally once a month - Hawthorne House counts right?  I'm working on nailing down a recurring time this fall at one of a couple different organizations.
Wear a tie once a week - I did this and enjoyed it all year until it started getting hot and then I ditched.  It adds a fun variation to the work fashion routine so I'll be ready to kickstart this again once the temps drop a little.
Take a free online course - I signed up for a JFK one through iTunes and it turned out to not really be what I was looking for.  Getting a formalized Spanish study plan is my new priority.
Go to a state I haven't been to before - I had been to Pennsylvania before, but never actually set foot outside the airport, so my June trip to Philly counts. I didn't get to do much touristy/historical stuff, but the city looks neat and the trip and conference were fun.
Buy a suit & get it tailored (along with my current one) - I'd love to do this one, but until there is a reason, I'll probably hold off on splashing the cash for it.
Find a new place to live - Success!  Not only a new place, but a better, quieter, bigger, more private, cheaper place with better parking and a better landlord and still in my favorite neighborhood!
Get a dog, if find a new place - Not sure where this goal came from.  I know caboose had mentioned it a lot, but, oddly, neither of us has brought it up since we moved. 
Bring my lunch at least 2 times a week - Gradual improvement through the start of the year until the end of the school year when it completely flopped.  But I am back and better than ever so far this fall.  Three and four times a week eating lunch at home has been the norm and I'm loving it!  And so is my bank account!
Design & print a t-shirt - I suppose the Irish Setters shirt would count.  But really, my design projects have been sparse lately.  With the return of the school year (and cooler temps ahead) I hope there will be more coffee shop evenings so I can get creative and come up with something. 

So, overall, not bad!!  And it helps to see that there are some areas that require a rededicating. 


  1. You are doing great so far! Here's to finishing out the year strong! *cheers*

  2. you're making great progress! still plenty of time left in 2011 to finish strong.