09 August 2011

Trio of News Articles

Three articles that I've came across this week that needed to be shared...
"Teaching Kids How to Break Up Nicely" This article about a group seeking to help teens learn how to handle relationship changes maturely in this digital age.  It is shocking and sad to see what teens think needs to be shared with their online social circle.  I love the phrase "Face It, Don't Facebook It."  I will definitely have a poster of that when I get back in the classroom and am teaching digital citzenship.
"Credibility, Chutzpah and the Debt" Krugman's article does a nice job of taking a more realistic view of what the S&P's downgrade means for the U.S. economy.  I often think that his articles are a little too negative, whiney and "all is wrong in the world" but, sadly, that doesn't mean they aren't accurate.
"Iranian Students Test Authority With Water Fight" (sorry about linking to Fox News).  A few thoughts on this one:  1. A thousand people in a water fight?!  Sounds fantastic.  2. Being arrested for being in a water fight is almost beyond imagination.  3.  "fortifying security and police presence" should never be associated with water fights in a park.  4. 70% of Iran's population is under 35!


  1. I wonder if Krugman would be less dour if he had better news. I think so: anyone who posts Monty Python skits on his blog has sense of humor (albeit, wonderfully warped). Your correct, however, that his main attribute comes from proving himself right. In the end, that's what it should be about.

  2. 1. Great sentiment for the digitally emetic. I'd also suggest the British WWII banner: Keep Calm & Carry On.
    2. I actually read this article earlier. And I agree on reading Krugman... for different reasons perhaps :) this one was interesting and thought provoking -- if you can't trust the monitors (who clearly are either ineffectual or complicit depending on your viewpoint) ...
    3. No apologies required when linking to Fair And Unbiased Journalism. -- on a serious note there was a recent study done on media bias -- Fox News turned out to be #2 on the 'least biased' left or right. see Tim Groseclose's book LEFT TURN -- or just catch a review of it.
    3. Any authority test in Iran deserves an accolade since it probably came with serious threat to body and life.