22 August 2011

Top 10 Central Iowa Restaurants

Here's what I came up with for my top 10 restaurants.  Probably not what I think the ten best eateries are, but more like which 10 places do I enjoy eating at the most.  I don't care a lot for $$$$ places, so my list tends to be more the $$ and $ categories.  Near misses:
Jethro's, Centro, South Union, Paesano's, Fat Tuesdays, Latin King, Thai Flavors, Ted's, Rachero Allegre.
(All restaurants, other than Ames-based Hickory Park, are located in Des Moines proper. This was a coincidence that I didn't notice til I was finished, but was happy to see.)
I'm looking forward to the results being compiled and seeing the new Top 100 list.  You can view the 2009 list here, and go vote for your favorite ten here. I've made it to 68 overall on the old list and to 20 of the top 25.


  1. loving your picks, a couple places i've never been. i'll have to check them out. anxious to see the 2011 list.

  2. Django's was great, so is Le Mie. hard to choose.