24 August 2011

Stephen Colbert & WOI

I have been eating lunch at home fairly often lately and if I time it right, I am able to catch a recast of the previous night's Colbert Report.  He put WOI on blast when they decided at the last moment to not show the commercials (one and two) for the straw poll (to write in Rick Perry, but with an 'A') funded by his Super PAC.  Then, a couple days later, he offered an apology of sorts, along with a challenge and now there is another follow up.  It is hilarious and you can follow the saga at the links below. 
August 11 - Colbert goes off on WOI
August 15 - Colbert apologies & challenges
August 18 - Colbert checks in live with WOI

1 comment:

  1. I had seen the first one, that guy is something else, very funny.