16 August 2011

So...what's in the frig??

I have been such a slacker in the kitchen all summer.  Hopefully cooler temperatures and more nights at home will lead to me getting back into the groove of making meals again.  It is calming and stress-relieving (not that I am very stressed) for me to do some food prep and create a little something.
I made a fantastic meal tonight and the best part was I didn't have to go to the store for anything!  Half a red onion from the frig, a shallot, a clove of garlic - chopped and into the pan with some EVOO to saute & soften.  After a few minutes I threw in a cut up yellow squash and a zucchini (that I'd bought a week or more ago to grill and never got around to it), two big tomatoes from my garden, a cut up brat & hot dog leftover from grilling last week (times are hard, man, don't judge me for throwing in the hot dog).  A little herbe de Provence, crushed red pepper, salt & pepper for seasoning.  I let all that simmer for a bit and then threw in the remaining 2/3's of a jar of pasta sauce to pull it all together.  I let some of the liquid evaporate off that while I boiled up some elbow macaroni.  Combined it all in the pan when the pasta was done & drained, and served it up (to myself) topped with some grated Parmesan.  No picture this time but it was delicioso!


  1. great job! Revitalizing left overs is a fantastic idea and one of my favorite things to do.

    1. what's here?
    2. how can I make it new?
    3. what will complement this menage?

    well done you

  2. good work utitlizing leftovers and not letting food go to waste!