05 August 2011

Matt Damon Loves Educators

Sporting a clean-shaven head, Matt Damon, product of a public school education, made an appearance at last week's Save Our Schools march in Washington D.C.  He was introduced by his mother, a public school educator and made a short speech on the value of good teachers and the need to improve education policy and funding.  He also had a couple interviews afterward where he was able to share more of his thoughts and views, including his feelings on the debt ceiling issue and the taxes on the wealthy.  He's a well-spoken guy, and I like his comments on there being a lack of "shared sacrifice."
"Well, I didn't go start a small business with my tax break...and I don't know anybody else who did."
(And he had an opportunity to put a reporter in his place.)


  1. I also read about this. I first saw the video of him with the reporter - "...you may be a shitty camerman, I don't know."

    And then read his speech on education improvements.

    I heart him. He can do no wrong in my book - shaved head and all!

  2. I saw this and I applaud him, how many people when they start in on teachers actually say something supportive? hardly any, much more start blaming, criticizing, and seem to have all the answers in education. Thank you Matt Damon. Yes, his mother is a teacher--all the more reason to stand up and support them. :)