04 August 2011

Happy Meat Night '11

The eighth annual fete of meats was a hands-down success again this year.  The turnout was slightly smaller but the core group was all still there.  I know I've said it before, but it is so great having that event to pull everyone together, some of us it may be the only time we'll see each other that year, and have the evening to relax, chat, catch up, share laughs, and of course, eat a crazy amount of meat.
I changed up my contributions this year.  After five years of making the Bacon-wrapped Scallops (Tyler Florence recipe), they won the Best in Show last year and so I thought it was a good time to retire them for a few years.  Sticking with the seafood idea, I tried out a recipe for Chili & Ginger Grilled Shrimp from America's Test Kitchen.  I tried out the recipe the Wednesday before the event and definitely got a couple ideas on things to alter and I'm glad I did because the shrimp turned out fantastic on the big night.  The grill was very hot, just like i needed it and the shrimp picked up a lot of color.  The marinade was flavorful and had just the right level of heat.  It was very well-received and actually came in second in the best of show voting.  It is a recipe I will definitely have to make again, maybe for a smaller get-together on my own grill.
I also tried out another ATK recipe from the same magazine called Drunken Steak which was flank steak in a tequila, triple sec, cilantro, cayenne and cumin marinade.  It was very tasty but not distinctly memorable.  I'd like to try it again though.  It's very easy and I think it would be better if it was the only meat being served.
I tried out a couple new beers also!  Little Kings - an 8 pack of miniature 7 oz bottles that were pretty tasty.  And Caguama, an El Salvadorian light beer that was pretty good too.   
Other highlights included a return of ćevapčići, taking a swing at the pinata, eating junebugs, trying Campari and real lemoncello.  A lot of talk in the winding hours of the morning on how to tweak the event next year AND I get to take a shot at creating the shirts!  Can't wait!
I did a very poor job of taking pictures, but you can see a few here.
Past years: '10, '09, '08, '07

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  1. A great event everyone appreciates and enjoys. The food pics are always fun. A summertime tradition. :)