09 August 2011

GREAT Monday

I had one of the best Monday's I've had in years yesterday.  I woke up not tired at all, shaved, which, even though I don't like doing it, does make me feel pretty good and headed to work.  My morning flew by with some very productive meetings at work (a somewhat rare occurrence).  When I glanced at the clock and saw it was 11:00 already I couldn't believe it.  For lunch I had made plans to meet a former fave student at Woody's.  And it was great to get out of the building because it was the perfect weather for sitting outside on the patio.  She surprised me by bringing another great former student along so the three of us sat outside, enjoyed some scrumptious BBQ, shared some laughs and filled up an hour and a half covering college classes, trips to India and Germany, post-graduation plans, car shopping, health insurance, movies, music, relationship status, pending wedding plans, the military, wine snobs and smoking.  I went back to work for another good meeting at that pretty much wrapped up my day so I jetted home to get ready for my big road trip.
When I heard that Lissie was coming to Iowa City, I was over the moon.  When I saw that it was the same day at the Bright Eyes concert that I already had a ticket to I was not as happy.  It was a very hard decision but I went with the Lissie show.  nicole was a good travel partner and we shared some oldies playlists that we'd put together for the occasion as we made our way across the eastern half of the state.  Hitting Iowa City, the Jeep found its way directly to Oasis, my favorite felafel joint.  And my felafel pita with hummus and Mediterranean salad was huge and delicious.  I rolled my stuffed self to the Blue Moose for the show and I was so excited but also had a little of that nervous worry that it might not live up to my expectations.  I shouldn't have worried.  Lissie was fantastic.  She is a totally captivating performer, her voice is husky and raw yet perfectly comforting.  And she throws herself without reservation into her music.  She was had to superglue her finger halfway through to keep it from bleeding and she was a sweaty hot mess but she was enjoying herself.  I'd worked my way up to the second row by the time she was finished and then returned for an encore including "Pursuit of Happiness."  She had a lot of great songs, leading off with one of my favorites, "Bully" but one surprise song that I hadn't heard before was her cover of Maxine Nightengale's "Get Right Back"...SO FUN!!! 
The show was A+.  Having to drive 2 hours afterwards and not getting to sleep til 1:45 on a work night was less thrilling but it was totally worth it!  Pics are in flickr.


  1. Happy Monday! -- perhaps for the first time in a non-sarcastic sense. Felafel!! great choice to kick off the evening. Superglued digits are only for the serious. Hot mess? -- you should have introduced her to the Iranian tradition of authority-snubbing. :)

    after the show of course, she would probably object to water ballooning her on stage.

  2. Oasis was sooo good! Loved it and can't wait to go back. Lissie put on a fantastic show. Thanks for taking me...and for letting me sleep on the way home :)