23 August 2011

Free AND Gluten-free

It's been weeks since I've been to the local coffee shop and it was nice to get back there tonight and relax, listen to some new music, catch up on my internet things and enjoy some of my favorite iced tea.  I also got to see a former student, who it turns out is considering starting her own business.  She is taking a year off from college as she is weighing her options and this opportunity sort of just grew on its own.  She had started experimenting with some gluten-free cooking to accommodate a friend of her brother's, who has Celiac disease.  She tried some store bought cookies and thought they were poor so decided to try her hand at it.  So now she is baking gluten-free cupcakes and through just word-of-mouth she has people contacting her and placing orders.  She's got 8 dozen ordered for this weekend!  A little while later she brought me out two samples, a raspberry lemonade and a vanilla rum.  The lemonade one was sweet and great!  The rum didn't really come through on the vanilla one, but they were both nice and I wouldn't have guessed they were gluten-free.  Very cool to here from a student doing a little entrepreneurial activity and also cool to get some free samples!

1 comment:

  1. she is one smart cookie ( ha ha ) to take advantage of that opportunity, the cupcakes look great.