18 July 2011


Three weeks without a vehicle came to an end last Friday.  I thought it was going to be closer to two weeks but the damage to my roof was more severe than estimated so instead of repairing it, they had to replace it and the roof was on back-order.  Anyways, I've got my Jeep back now and they even fixed the big scratch on the back bumper that was there when I bought it.  It was one of the few areas that didn't have hail damage, but he said they could fix and repaint it for $100, but then ended up just doing it for free after making me wait an extra week. 
Here are a few reflections from my time without a car:
  • Living in a location where it is easy to walk to entertainment is such a great thing.  It is one of the main reasons I wouldn't want to live in other parts of the city.  From my place I can walk to two great coffee shops, three sports bar/restaurants, two of my good friends' houses, a grocery store, an ice cream shop, the post office, and tons of other stuff.  My time in Chicago showed me how great it is to have that ability.  It may take a little longer, but it more relaxing and healthier to be able to walk.
  • It reminded me that a bike is a great way to get around town, not just a tool to get a workout.  Again, during college, a little, and especially in Chicago, my bike was a great way to get places that may have been too far to walk or just to get there quicker than on foot.  But since moving back to Iowa I have pretty much just used my bike to get out and log some miles on the trails, which is fantastic, but a totally different purpose.  I had a great morning last week when I got up, aired up the tires on my old hybrid and enjoyed the cool air, riding over to grab breakfast at La Mie and a haircut at the Roosevelt barber.  
  • I've got good family & friends!  caboose and homebase each drove to Avoca to meet and help me get home to help prepare for homebase's upcoming move and then they did it again so I could get back to Des Moines.  caboose, nicole and haley gave me rides whenever and were flexible with plans to accomodate me.  
  • I like my Jeep.  Three weeks is a while and when I got back in the driver's seat, it felt good.  Almost as good as that icy cold air conditioning blowing out of my vents.  I drove around that day after picking it up, just enjoying the liberty of it.


  1. Fantastic to have wheels again. You did great during the fix it time but now... let some adventures begin. after moving me of course.:) or maybe that will be an adventure!!

  2. Not to mention you saved on 3 weeks worth of gas, right?!

    Jealous you are within walking distance to so many places. That's something we lack where we live, which is a bummer, because I love walking.

    But, I'm sure it feels great to have your Jeep back and have the freedom to go anywhere/anytime. Happy driving!