28 July 2011

Nike Training Club

I think I've shared before how much I like the "Nike Women" - Make Yourself videos.  They have provided some much-needed freshness into caboose and my routines.  I have been trying to incorporate more core exercises, more full body movements and less traditional isolated heavy weight lifts.  So I'd found a few things that I could add to to what we do, like the "Sumo Squat with Lateral Raise," "Russian Twist," "Crazy Ivans," and "Wood Chops."  It doesn't hurt that the athletes modeling the exercises have bodies that look chiseled from stone. 
I downloaded the Nike Training Club app a month or so ago and have never even looked at it until yesterday.  caboose texted me to say that he wasn't going to be working out that afternoon due to a headache so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out.  It is such a slick app!  You can queue up your own music (from a playlist, an album or your full library) - I went with Girl Talk's All Day album, and then, as this video shows,  you choose your goal from Get Toned, Get Lean, Get Strong, etc and your level from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and then it gives you a handful of 30 minute workouts to choose from.  Your music starts and a coach's voice tells you exactly what to do and for how long to do it.  If you don't know how to do something, the demo video is right there for you to click and watch.  The coolness is tough to transmit in writing, but I was impressed.  And it was HARD!  I was sweating buckets and loving it!  I love a fresh workout.  And it keeps track of your progress and you unlock new workouts, coaches and other stuff as you compile your minutes. 
And it is FREE.  Download it from iTunes for your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

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  1. cannot wait to use this app! thanks for sharing.