14 July 2011


I just found out there is a new Muppets movie coming out this Thanksgiving.  Check out the full trailer here.  And three other short trailers here and here and here.  Oh yeah and it co-stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams.  Double yes.
Related sidenote that started me on this Muppets kick this morning: there is a tribute album coming out in August with some fun names (Weezer & Haley Williams together!, Amy Lee, MMJ) covering some good Muppets tunes.  You can listen to My Morning Jacket's contribution here.


  1. so excited, now the most important question, who was your favorite muppet?

  2. FOZZY BEAR!!!
    waka waka waka.

  3. Miss Piggy is my fav
    what fun that music is in all those movies.