26 July 2011

Moving homebase

homebase's long wait to sell her house came to an end and all of us came together to move her into her new digs out in the country last weekend.  In typical homebase fashion, we got an early start on things and our plan changed from "Get the trailer and move everything on Saturday" to "Maybe get the trailer on Friday night" to "Get the trailer and maybe get one load moved on Friday night and the rest on Saturday" to "Move everything on Friday."  It was HOT, but we still were better off doing it Friday afternoon/evening than if we had been forced to do it during all the heat on Saturday.  And with all the help, it really made things go fast.  I've grown accustomed to apartment-sized moves, so it was quite a change to move 6 beds, washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc. 
The new homestead is fantastic.  It actually reminds me of where I grew up; out in the country, a big yard, lots of trees, lots of fields to explore, quiet and a fantastic view in all directions.  The house is big, old and ripe with character.  The basement has a great space for ping-pong that the Brig and I have already broken in.  The upstairs has rooms for all guests.  I'm excited to see the place and the nature around it through the different season.  Plus it cut about 20 minutes off how long a trip home takes me!

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  1. thanks for the pictures. It was an amazingly quick move with all the help, though hotter than heck. It will be a much more "nature" setting. I saw 2 deer this morning on my walk and either 2 foxes or 2 small coyote yesterday. Lots of birds to be identified yet. I think this is a good move for me. :)