28 July 2011

MLS All-Star Game

It may be a sign of the lack of quality TV to watch but I tuned in to watch the MLS All-Star game last night.  The team of all-stars took on Manchester United.  As I've said before, I never watch MLS so I didn't know most of the players, although Thierry Henry played the first half and David Beckham played the full 90.  I'm no fan of Man U either so I couldn't really cheer for them either.  Allegiances aside, it was fun to watch to some soccer that had some good creative flashes.  The Brits pretty much stomped on the MLS squad, running out 4-0 winners.  Ji-Sung Park had my favorite goal of the quartet. 
And I know I am a little biased, but Beckham played fantastic.  A long-distance shot that tested the keeper, a wicked free kick that was inches wide and went into the outside of the side netting but mostly his passing was just phenomenal. 

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