22 June 2011

KC Wedding recap

Last weekend I went down to Kansas City to stand up with my best friend from high school as he got married.  It has been a while since I've been to a wedding and a long while since I've been in a tux.  But it was fun, I always love an excuse to get cleaned up.  It was great to catch up with friends at the rehearsal, from high school, from college and some new ones too.  Once the sun went down and we were able to cool off, it was great sitting outside and relaxing a bit.  Maybe a bit too much because I woke up Saturday with the biggest hangover I've had in years, which sadly made me cancel my BBQ exploring lunch I had planned.  And nothing like standing around in upper 90's heat for 4 or 5 hours to take pictures to help cure a headache. :)  On the positive side, they were blessed with copious sun on their wedding day and I'm sure that made for some good photos.  The groomsmen and usher were all fun guys so it wasn't bad passing the time with them.  The reception was good - very nice place, good food and a fun dance.  The bridesmaids and bride all ended the night with a jump into the pool, which I unfortunately missed seeing.  And then to cap off the weekend, I was woken up 30 minutes after going to bed by a hail storm.  I looked out my window across the parking lot and witnessed the biggest hail I've seen in my life.  Baseball sized chunks and what was amazing was the velocity and power they had when they hit.  It was definitely something to see.  In the morning, people came out to the parking lot and most hadn't seen it happen the night before so they were pretty shocked by what they saw.  Roughly 1 in 3 cars had their front or rear window completed smashed out.  It looked like a vandalism spree had happened and someone just went down the row with a bat, taking out windows.  My Jeep had its front window spiderwebed in three spots but it was still intact and drivable.  It was great to see the small-town community come together and everyone was asking each other's situations and showing concern for the fellow man.  People were offering rides back to those whose cars were not drivable and a couple of my good friends jumped in with us.  It made the drive back home go quickly and made a stressful situation better. 
Overall, a wild, hot weekend that definitely will not be forgotten.

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  1. Glad to hear it was a fun weekend, minus the hail. Hopefully the jeep will look as good as new after getting fixed!