21 June 2011


Holy jeez, over a week since I posted.  Excuse parade:  I wrapped up the last week of my job, was gone for a wedding over the weekend, have been busy busy with work for my last master's class, have been messing with car/insurance stuff among other things.
So quick recap of a day trip across our nothern border to IKEA that I took with homebase about 10 days ago.  Even though the one thing I specifically wanted and was at the top of my list, a hammock, was sold out, I still had a productive trip.  A dish drying rack, a step stool for sitting in the kitchen, a 4x4 storage cubby to go with the bigger one I already had, some plastic food containers, dish scrubber, an in-sink strainer that I'm excited to use, a couple baskets for my storage cubbies, and the thing I've been most thrilled with so far...a new pillow!  I love the density of this guy.  It is not very tall, which is good and I love the two different heights of support it provides.
I was also able to do some shopping for a friend, which was fun.  Nothing like spending someone else's money! And homebase picked out some fun items too.  One thing I love about IKEA is how, even if you aren't looking for anything, you can find lots of great items for not ridiculous prices.

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  1. I am wishing I would have bought the black unit for my tv. THat is my next purchase. I also need a new chair, all wish list items after my new computer, new mattress, ...think I will buy a lottery ticket today. Had a great time at IKEA as usual. :)