21 June 2011


I haven't shared anything soccer related for a while, so here are a few things...
  • I'm excited to watch the USA in the Gold Cup final on Saturday.  They have a tough semifinal against Panama (who beat them a week ago) to get there (which I won't be able to see because I'll be in class) but hopefully they'll win and will have a final against Mexico (who has to beat Honduras).  
  • I watched almost an entire women's game recently.  The USA women scored on a cracker in stoppage time to beat Mexico.  The game was interesting and watchable and has me thinking I may have to follow some of the women's World Cup action later this summer from Germany.
  • This collection of some of the best goals from the English Premier League this past season is good browsing.  There were ~5 or so that I thought were exceptional.  But all of them are trumped by...
  • This piece of poetry by Eric Hassli.  The crazy part...I watched this game and it is from an MLS match between Vancouver and Seattle.  I NEVER watch MLS, but happened to have this game on while working on some stuff on the computer.  This goal is fantastic.

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