01 June 2011

Garden Project, update

Lots of rain the past few weeks and more coming this weekend has kept me from having to water my garden much.  I think I've only had to do it twice actually!  There wasn't much growth for those first few weeks after planting but just this week I noticed that things are starting to take off.  The peppers and tomatoes are looking good and I had to stake up a couple of them.  The cilantro in the garden is looking very healthy, while the cilantro plants in pots look fine but aren't growing nearly as fast.  Both basil plants (in garden and in container) don't seem to be doing much yet.  One row of beets (pictured) is growing nicely and looking strong.  The other row is almost non-existent.  Not sure what is going on there.  Lots of little weeds trying to come up too, but I've been hoeing them up or pulling them so things are looking good.  Now if only our lawn service would come and mow the place!!

1 comment:

  1. looking good. my basil isn't doing so well either...maybe it'll bounce back soon.