04 May 2011

Web Round-up 5/4/11

I realize that there are a ridiculous amount of links in this post, but that is what happens when you fall behind in your posting and you bookmark a lot of cool things to share but keep putting it off.  And I realize that many of you will not click through the links, and that is OK.  I figure putting them all in one post has a couple positives, if you aren't going to click thru and check any of them out, then this way you only have 1 post to skip over instead of several.  And, with many of link from a wide range of topics, I'm hoping that you may find at least 1 thing that sounds interesting and worth checking out.  Either way...here we go!
  • I may not have gotten out of bed for the wedding but am I such a sucker for this type of thing?  Blue bloods, country clubs, and now, "rah's."  It's like even though I consciencely don't want anything to do with them, I still want to know about what they value, their clothes, their books, etc.  Which is why I'm going to give a listen to Sarge Pokes and give T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock a read.  
  • As Title IX gets ready to celebrate 40 years, this NY Times story "College Teams, Relying on Deception, Undermine Gender Equity" takes a look at some disturbing practices that run contrary to the legislation's intent. I love women's sports and fully support them, but agree that football is just so large (both in participation numbers, and in expenses & revenues) that it throws some comparisons out of whack.  
  • You have got to check out this infographic.  It blew my mind.  I was aware there was distortion on most maps but I still had a hard time wrapping my mind around these facts about the true size of Africa.
  • This photographer, Matt Luton of dvafoto, wrote a sort of tribute piece to Chris Hondros. Chris was an Pultizer-nominated photojournalist who was killed while on assignment in Libya.  Chris's picture that Matt shared is what caught my eye and got me reading the article.  I love photography, but I can't really fathom being in these types of situations and seeing these scenes, let alone capturing them on film so vividly.  Now, if you clicked through and checked out that mind-blower of a photo, do not fail to click this link and read a soul-enriching follow-up story.
  • Ajax FC of Amersterdam, one of my favorite soccer teams, features in this new adidas commercial.  A few of their stars happen upon some friends playing a little footie in the park and a friendly game ensues.  Happy times!


  1. only had time for the Chris Hondros story, what a man. What a story. Great stuff.

  2. I love that Addidas commercial, so sweet!!!!