14 May 2011

Sailor's Knot Bracelet

I like the braided look of these types of bracelets and I really love that one in the picture that looks like it is made out of strips of material.  Actually though, it is not braided, as there is only one piece of string. It is a type of Turk's Head knot.  I've always been fascinated by knots and wished I knew how to tie better ones.  I tried my hand at tying one of these and this picture shows how my second one turned out.  The first one was too big and didn't look good.  I think I'm getting the hang of it. Now to add a second and third row, and improved on finished a row off.  I had to try a couple websites to get a tutorial and pictures that I could follow.  If I get better, you may receive one this summer!


  1. who made the dark one? I love it. Make mine like that. :)

  2. Love it! I hope I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to show off one of these bracelets! :)