23 May 2011

New Phone!

So Friday morning I started my day working at the downtown Starbucks and enjoying their comfy chairs (along with their oatmeal and chai).  After an hour I went and made my school visit and when I left, got in my Jeep and started to head back to the office, I reached for my phone to check for messages or missed calls.  That was when I realized it wasn't in my pocket, or cupholder, or jacket, or backpack.  So I went back to Starbucks and felt around in the cushions and looked around the floor and asked at the front desk.  Zero.  I didn't see any other alternatives so I wrote it off and continued with my work day.  I had people call it a few times throughout the day but no answer.  And so Saturday came and I figured if someone had found it, they would've called someone in my contacts and I'd have heard from them by now, so off to the US Cellular store I went and they called around and found a used phone for me.  It is actually the same model that I tried out last summer but didn't like due to a weak signal and slow touch screen interface.  But in a couple days of using my new Samsung Messenger, I haven't had any problems. 
Sunday afternoon my friend Haley called and told me I needed to go to Centro and pick up my phone.  :(  Turns out they called her Friday afternoon and she didn't listen to her messages until Sunday.  Oh well, now I've got one as a back-up in case of future mishaps.  Funny how life works sometimes!

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  1. good way to look at it. now you can switch over contacts easily.