25 May 2011

Keeping Catholic students Catholic Through College

"Helping Catholic Students Remain Catholic in a Setting of Nietzsche and Beer Pong"
This NY Times article highlights a few fresh ideas on helping college students keep their faith as a meaningful piece through the major life changes that happen in those 4 or so years.  It is difficult challenge and one that I started thinking about when reading "Rediscovering Catholicism".  As the student in the article states, “I can’t imagine shirking my faith, but how do you keep it important around all the chaos of med school? How do I become a meaningful member of a new parish? How do I allow the kind of experiences I’ve had here to continue?”  Those are serious, valid questions and a bigger question is, what can the church do to help students find those answers.  You shouldn't have to do it on your own.  We are 'companions on the journey' after all.

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  1. I like this idea as it is important to keep kids that age in the church. The church could do more on theology for the masses, socially and all,, get rid of pot lucks and bring out something new, for all ages.