14 May 2011

Guinness & Bailey's Cupcakes

I saw two different recipes for these cupcakes within a couple days of each other a month or so ago and bookmarked them as a fun baking project after Lent was over.  Last night, I thought the perfect way to unwind after a long and busy week would be a little baking. 
In my opinion, the cupcakes cooked up nicely and tasted delicious.  Moist, richly chocolate.  But almost zero Guinness flavor.  And the frosting I was never sold on from the beginning.  It never had the creamy texture of a good buttercream frosting.  And the Bailey's in it, while a good idea, was way too strong of a flavor. If there was any Guinness flavor at all in the cupcake, you still wouldn't have tasted it over the frosting.  So, they are very tasty chocolate cupcakes, but not living up to what I was hoping for. 
I took a few pictures of them but couldn't get one that looked good enough to post.  Sorry.  

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  1. I have never thought that Guiness lent itself to baked goods, Bailey's? .... thoughts of Ireland and our relatives offering us that drink, I sipped and tried not to gag--then when they left the room, told you--you would have to drink it. Bluck...