09 May 2011

Garden Project: 2011

One of the exciting possibilities with our new domicile is a nice backyard and as soon as I saw it, I was thinking about having a garden this summer.  I have done some container plants with mixed results in past years but this time I wanted the full thing.  There was an article in Grow magazine about raised beds, which is just a wooded box that you fill with soil so the earth level is higher than the surrounding ground.  The plans seemed simple enough and so, with homebase in tow, off to Home Depot we went. 
True to my indecisive self, it was tough making some of the decisions and weighing all the options, but in the end I went forward with a plan to make my bed half of the size of the one in the magazine.  4'x4'.  I would've liked a bigger one, but before laying out that kind of money I wanted to have a season to see how this went.  Cedar boards were pricier but recommended for their characteristics of repelling rot as well as insects.  And the soil is a mix of top soil and Miracle-Gro Garden soil. 
It went together easily enough and pulling up the sod wasn't bad since it was only 16 sq ft.  I planted a Bell Star tomato, two Juliet tomatoes, a North Star red pepper, a Black Hungarian pepper, a cilantro, a basil and two short rows of beets (one Detroit red and one a yellow variety).  In containers I added another cilantro and a basil and some marigolds (my old favorites!) 
I gave them their first watering out of my new watering can last night and now the watching begins!
 Putting the Jeep to use
Who’s ready to work?
Assembled & dug the ground up.
 Potting soil & top soil are added
 Everything's planted!  Finished product.


  1. now I'm just waiting for the rabbit army in our backyard to go nutz on it.

  2. i know. that is my biggest worry at this point.
    maybe i should be googling 'rabbit deterrents'...

  3. i cannot wait for all the garden blogs! i had to buy some rabbit deterrent and it reeks, just as an fyi!

  4. Really nice, I love the photos boxed off like that,,,, I did have a moment at the garden center thinking."if the wood took this long to pick out, the plants might be ready for harvest by the time we get them home!!" Ha ha, just kidding. I love the nursery... miss not having a garden this year. bbgun for the rabbits. New hobby. :)

  5. 1. Can't wait to see how the garden project turns out

    2. Good luck with keeping the rabbits away

    3. SO excited for the addition of the hammock

    4. Thanks for fixing my computer - you rock :)