27 April 2011

Busy Week!

I didn't quite make it to 40 'Good Things', but I got close.  And it was fun to do.  I enjoyed finding the diamond in the rough of each day to share.  Actually it was rarely a struggle to find something great to blog about.  I guess that goes to show how blessed I am. 
Sorry for the dearth of posts this week.  Lots going on here as caboose and I prepare for our upcoming move this weekend.  We are just moving a half mile or so down the road but, in the words of Rebecca Black, "We so excited."  We're busy packing, throwing stuff out, getting utilities turned off and on, ending and beginning cable & internet service (I think we are going without cable TV, which I am very excited about!), getting keys, dropping off rent, reserving a moving van, so our apartment definitely looks like a war zone this week. 
And meanwhile, I'm getting ready to run the Drake Relays On-the-Roads half marathon this weekend with stoppable.  So, maybe a shortage of blogging time but there'll be lots to blog about in a few days! 


  1. Good Luck with the move and the race--can't wait to see the new place, It was time for a move.Enjoy.

  2. great weekend end :) thanks to you and caboose both! em and I had a blast!