28 April 2011

Messi = Magnificent

I'm not a fan of Barcelona, in fact I usually cheer for Real Madrid in Spanish football.  But you can not watch these kinds of goals and not appreciate them for their greatness.  When these two teams square off in a 'clasico' it is a monstrous event, so these goals are going to be legendary.
If you take the time to click, make sure you watch the second of the two goals.  It is a piece of incredible skill on the ball.  Madrid's defenders have to be watching this video and trying to come to grips with how they were made to look like amateurs.
***And for every beautiful moment captured on video, there are definitely some ugly ones.  Here is a video that Real Madrid released after the game to show Barca's "acting"***

Fat Tuesday

Here's the second installment in my South Side restaurant review series.
I'd seen a review of Fat Tuesday in Juice quite a while back and finally made my way there this week.  The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door, besides the purple, gold and green streamers and decorations is that the host/waiter could have been Antoine Dodson's (of "Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife" fame) twin brother.  His looks and speaking manner were dead ringers.  So that made the whole thing even more enjoyable.
I had a very tough time choosing what to try.  I love red beans and rice.  I love jambalaya.  Fried catfish sounded good.  And then I saw that they had cajun greens!  After some suggestions from Antoine/I mean Marcus, I went with a small bowl of red beans and rice and a small bowl of jambalaya, and a helping of jalapeno corn bread.  ALL of it was superb.  A little bit of heat, great flavors. The chicken in the jambalaya and the slices of sausage in the beans & rice were all great.  And I washed it all down with a perfect iced tea.
This is a place that I will be making sure "coincides" with more of my way south school visits.

27 April 2011

Busy Week!

I didn't quite make it to 40 'Good Things', but I got close.  And it was fun to do.  I enjoyed finding the diamond in the rough of each day to share.  Actually it was rarely a struggle to find something great to blog about.  I guess that goes to show how blessed I am. 
Sorry for the dearth of posts this week.  Lots going on here as caboose and I prepare for our upcoming move this weekend.  We are just moving a half mile or so down the road but, in the words of Rebecca Black, "We so excited."  We're busy packing, throwing stuff out, getting utilities turned off and on, ending and beginning cable & internet service (I think we are going without cable TV, which I am very excited about!), getting keys, dropping off rent, reserving a moving van, so our apartment definitely looks like a war zone this week. 
And meanwhile, I'm getting ready to run the Drake Relays On-the-Roads half marathon this weekend with stoppable.  So, maybe a shortage of blogging time but there'll be lots to blog about in a few days! 

22 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #38

Jay-Z's website.  "Life + Times."  Coolness.  I found several things on there that were cool, including an interview with a head designer at Jeep, a 17-year old soccer star, interview with Gwynth Paltrow, a great collab between Santigold and Karen O, and cool "subway roll" signs (like those by Les!) that also brought to my attention this cool site (Bumpy Pitch) with fantastically great tshirts, albeit for $30.

I liked the dialouge & trading interview Q&A's between Jay & Gwynth and since neither of them asked me any questions, I decided to take one question from each of their lists and answer it myself.

Paltrow asks Jay-Z:
In one word answers, name someone or something in food, music, art and design, style, and sports that inspires you today and your favorite spot to be leisurely.
Jay-Z asks Gwynth:
  • Miles or Coltrane? Miles, only because I don't know anything by Coltrane.  I feel like a fraud of a music fan for my lack of appreciation for these two.
  • The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Beatles.
  • Patsy Cline or Billie Holiday?  Patsy Cline.
  • Biggie or PAC? PAC.
  • Michael or Prince? Michael.

Una Cosa Buena #37

Since spring ball just finished up, that means the fall season is still a ways off, but I came across this video this week and it got me thinking about fall, football, the Hawks and all those great things I love about college gamedays.  And those images of Tavian Banks and Tim Dwight brought back some great memories.

19 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #36

Gotta love it when two good things come together.  Nope, not chocolate and peanut butter. I have been loving the Nike Fit Club videos.  I don't care that they are aimed at women - they offer fresh workout ideas, provide motivation and I can't find anything quite as good for guys.  And of course I love Lea Michele.
And this week they fused into a new training video.  Make Yourself.

18 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #35

I finally pulled the trigger on something I've been wanting to do for a while now.
Kiva is a crowd-sourced micro-lending organization that makes it easy for people to make loans as small as $25 to people around the world.  I had read about it, researched it but then it just sorta slipped into the forgotten area of my bookmarks for a few months.  Then, tonight, I saw on facebook where a friend of mine from Costa Rica had made a loan thru Kiva.  Turns out, she's made five loans, all of which are on schedule for full repayment and she's calmed any concerns I had.
So I went back to the site, did some searching and found Ney Juarez de Risco from Peru.  I liked the agricultural aspect of her application and if all goes well, I'll be paid back in 10 months and ready to make a new loan!  I may have to pay her a visit and see if the livestock are fattening up sufficiently.  (Sidenote: I wouldn't have a clue how to tell.)

17 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #34

Magnolia trees.
They are in amazing bloom right now and I am seeing them everywhere around my neighborhood and they made my run this morning beautiful.
[I didn't take this photo and I need to get outside and try to take a few.]

16 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #33

Two today since I've been missing a few days here and there...
  • Today is Opening Day...of Snookie's!  We drove by last night and there were tents set up outside in the wind, rain and mid-30's temps.  I guess there was some sort of prize for first person served this morning at 11.  Can't wait to walk down and get a raspberry malt.
  • Conversation with homebase this morning as we're driving out to the mall and I'm talking about needing to get some gardening tools.  "I've got a steel rake you can have."  Me: "Oh, that thing is worthless!" homebase: "I know! That's why I'm giving it to you!"  Thanks, mom! :)

12 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #31

A little music for my good thing of the day...
I was plenty excited last week to see the Beastie Boys releasing new material...and it is good.  Give "Make Some Noise" a listen on their page.
And Rihanna paired up with Jennifer Nettles for a nice duet of "California King Bed" at the American Country Music Awards recently.  While it isn't as great as Nettles' tag team with Beyonce a few years back, it is still worth checking out.  (Now if she'd only ditch those high-waisted pants!)

11 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #30

Even though I'm not a big baseball fan, I do root for the Cubs (you can't live there and not claim an affiliation to either them or the Sox).  This Onion article, "Cubs Can't Believe They're Doing This Again," is too funny and a great laugh as they start another season.

Una Cosa Buena #29

What a Sunday! My first bike ride of the year.  It felt great to be back on my bike and the weather was SO perfect.  I even got a touch of pink on my shoulders & back!  I also was able to make the first batch of suntea of the season.  Can't wait to drink it.  Relaxed with a couple friends on their deck and just drank in as much sun and fun as possible.  Capped off the day with a meal on the patio at Saints.

09 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #28

Fish Fry and Stations of the Cross.
Lent just doesn't really feel like Lent if I don't make it to a fish fry or two.  The Basilica does a nice job with their fish and their fry in general.  Although, no one can hold a candle to MOQ in Omaha, that place is an event!
And Stations was great too. No sign of my friend from two weeks ago though. :)

08 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #27

Running 5 miles in the light rain.
The precipitation held off til about a half hour before we started and it never got to be very heavy so it was actually a very nice change to run in it.  Pretty soaked by the end, but a good time indeed, reminiscent of Dam to Dam last year.

06 April 2011

New Header

A change for the understated.  No picture background this time, just some gradient work.  And a houndstooth button.  I think i need to change up the font on the button for next time.

Una Cosa Buena #26

My intake of live music has definitely been at low tide for awhile now.  And just when I was getting grumpy about no good shows coming through town, there has been some announcements in the last two days to fix that situation.
  • I bought tickets to 80/35 (both days!) after the first dozen bands were announced.  Girl Talk!  Looking forward to hearing who all the rest of the acts are and who the Sunday headliner is!
  • Checked out the schedule for Simon Estes this summer and it looks good.  Better than last summer at least.  And the biggest highlight...MATISYAHU!  Got tix for that this morning.
  • Got an email announcing that Bright Eyes is coming to the Val-Air in August.  Tickets on sale next week!
  • Lissie tweeted that an Iowa City show is in the works.  SO pumped.
  • Cashes Rivers show next week at the Mews!

Una Cosa Buena #25

A fun little activity at a technology seminar I was at yesterday.
An art teacher had everyone make a little sketch book out of 2 sheets of paper and a paint swatch strip.  The matchbook style is cool and keeps it shut.  Probably not going to be your first choice sketch book that you reach for but something fun to do with kids.  

05 April 2011

Una Cosa Loca #24

I wish I could say that the NCAA championship game last night was my one good thing.  Unfortunately, it was probably the ugliest final game I've ever watched.  And the team I was cheering for lost...because they shot 18%.
And I wish I could say that "One Shining Moment" was my one good thing, but sadly I wasn't very impressed with it this year.  Which is odd since there were SO many close games in the first couple rounds.
So, instead today, I will offer you one ridiculous thing.  The eagles.  You know what I'm talking about.  Not the band.  The bald eagles in Decorah that some people seem to have lost their minds over.  I'm sitting at a technology seminar as I type this and on the table in front of me I can see the lady's laptop screen.  Guess what she has pulled up...the eagles.  I read that over 100,000 people were logged in and viewing them over the weekend as their eggs hatched.  I stopped in a saw my mentor teacher last week and she was watching them and she said she has them up all day long.  She knows the personalities and particular behaviors of the male and the female.
I think it is great that people are appreciating and learning about nature and wildlife, but addiction is never good, and maybe we should just go outside, go for a walk and look around.

03 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #23

87 degrees.
Hot dogs on the grill.
Doors and windows open.
Vampire Weekend on the stereo.
Some delicious chili dogs!

Una Cosa Buena #22

Coming into Iowa City on Dubuque Street, the runners along the river are a permanent fixture and I've always wanted to be one of them.  So I was excited to plan my weekend run and hit some of my great landmarks around town.  Running along the river on Park Ave, the Coralville Strip, the track and softball field, Finkbine golf course, Hawkeye Court apartments, Carver-Hawkeye Arena, the baseball field, the practice bubble and Kinnick Stadium, Melrose Ave, Old Capital and the Pentacrest, and City Park.  I love working bridges into my runs and crossed three on this one.  I also was treated to seeing a bare-foot, high-heel carrying walk-of-shame leaving Frat Row.
The change of scenery was fantastic, as was the weather, and I felt great when I finished the 8.5 miles.  Definitely ready for some Java House chai and book-reading at Prairie Lights.

01 April 2011

Una Cosa Buena #21 (y una cosa triste)

I was down at Central this morning and ran into a student that had been my student helper a couple years ago when she was a freshmen & sophomore. She's gone through tough times with family and boyfriends (like many teens), but as we stood and talked for a good 15 minutes, I saw and heard things from her that were new. Maturity. Goals & future plans. Empathy. Valuing attendance & grades. She was thrilled to have found a mentor in her older cousin. She was doing her own thing and taking a photography program at Central. As you can gather, I was very happy and proud of her and I told her so. It was a great way to wrap up a tiring week.

On the other end of the spectrum.  There is another one of my 'project' students who has pretty much came to the end of her public school rope.  Non-attending has caught up with her and she has been dropped out.  I thought that the enrollment status of "Destination Unknown" was pretty fitting.  Who knows what the future holds for her?