15 September 2009

New Header

I haven't kept up with my Photoshop exploring since school started but I got on it last night and put together a new header. It's supposed to look like a spray painted stencil. It turned out OK, but I was frustrated that I couldn't get a selection to rotate. I thought I'd tried everything. Later on I saw L online and asked her how to do it. Ctrl +T. Hmm, that easy. So much to learn. I'll have to change it and update my header later today. Thanks for the help!


  1. Anytime! Spray paint effects are some of my favorite to do, this might require a sit down, mainly so I can mess around too haha. Also, gave that Miley song a listen, lasted 35 seconds before I had to turn it off.

  2. you've gotta at least give it til 1:15 or so. the hook is so good! :)

    i think the banner actually looks worse now that i rotated it. oh well. :( i can't wait for you to come and present in class! :)

  3. that is a sweet header. makes my header feel inadequate.