18 September 2009

Lost Dog

So we've got cable again and lots of channels to choose from! This morning as I was lounging a little bit (no kids today!) I saw a commercial that actually got my eyes a little watery. Maybe it was because it was still early. It's a sweet little commercial from AT & T and features Tyler Hansbrough...but I didn't hold that against it. :) Enjoy.


  1. I was figuring this was going to be your thoughts on Jessica Simpson's dog, Daisy, getting eaten by a coyote. Way off.

  2. That's pretty good. This one always makes me cry. Check it out.


  3. don't know why Tyler was in that commercial exactly, nothing about bball skills. He did have a blue shirt on at least, but no UNC anywhere, ha.

  4. Hey, I saw that commercial yesterday--twice! But I didn't know the young man starring in it was anybody special until I read your blog.

    See? That's why I keep reading your observations on the world--you help fill in all my culturally deficient blanks. And I have a lot of blanks.

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