03 September 2009

Lorem Ipsum

While I was hunting around trying to find a list of the changes in default settings from Word 2003 to 2007, I came across an interesting topic. Whenever I see that "Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet" block of text that they use to show how a document or template will appear, I'd always wondered where it came from or what it meant. Well, I wonder no more. This article provides some surprising info. That text has been around since the 1500's! And it means nothing. And if you want to insert it into your Word document, use =lorem().


  1. How relevant...I just had a microsoft training today and saw that text. I will now wonder no more---s.

  2. i have word 2003 at work :(

    lorem doesn't work -- they do have a bargain basement version for us though:


    which produces the reliable quick brown fox....