23 September 2009

Google Easter Eggs & Adidas/Puma Peace Game

Just wanted to pass on two things I found on the web this week. Slow times on my blog lately, sorry.
  • This first one is a list of 15 Easter eggs (little-known humorous oddities written into the code by programmers) dealing with the Google search engine and Google Earth. Not hilarious or mind-blowing but worth a look if you are bored...or desperate for something to blog about.
  • The second one is this short video clip about the people of Hertzogenorach, Germany (home to adidas & Puma) finally coming together and playing a game of football together (not against each other) in honor of Peace Day.


  1. easter eggs:

    i couldn't make the ninja one work :(

    loved the niniann in google maps - great back story on her blog too.

  2. Hello. And Bye.