03 September 2009

Dark Ages

I have been going through a serious withdrawal from all forms of media lately. Due to a shorted out and no longer functioning power cord, my laptop is dead until I get the replace I ordered online (saving $60 compared to the Best Buy price). Add to that our wonderful cable service we get from Mediacom; we currently get zero channels. To top it off, I am between books and can't really seem to find anything I want to read on my shelves. I guess I need to get to the library. I've got a backlog of topics to blog about but haven't had a chance. So watch out when I get that power cord!


  1. I would comment, but I don't speak spanish...

  2. Someone recently recommended "Gang Leader for a Day" by Sudhir Venkatesh to me. Non-fiction takes place in Chicago--I think you might be interested in it... I'm picking up my copy at the library tomorrow! s.

  3. yeah i saw that in the book store a while ago. the author is a research assoc of one of the author's of freakonomics! it DOES look super good. i'll have to check my library. thx!