20 September 2009

Beaver Fall Fest

A fun weekend indeed. No students on Friday and the professional development wasn't too bad, so it was a good day at work. Stoppable came into town, bringing NTW and the Brig with him. We made Bombay burgers, tator tots and collard greens for a yummy dinner and then walked up the street to check out the festival scene. A main event of the weekend was the Beaverdash 5K Saturday morning. Even though I hadn't done much running leading up to it, it went well. All three brothers stuck together and finished strong. It was a great setting for a run, cool, sunny weather, lots of supporters along the residential route, and a route that came within 30 yards of my apartment! After showering up, we all stepped out my front door and were on the parade route, where the kids got an insane amount of candy and we all had a good time. Then we zipped out to Waukee to see JY's new deck and enjoy a delic meal of grass-fed steaks, incredibly fresh & tasty sweet corn and a tasty pasta salad. After that I made it out to Grimes to watch the first half of the Iowa game with some good friends. But I couldn't stay long cuz I had to make it back home to get some things around for a bunch of teacher friends to come over for grilling and drinks before walking up the street to listen to some live music. And today was a relaxing day of no school work and a trip to the mall. caboose got some great buys and I got a new pair of shoes! :) These are work shoes and they were half off, so I don't really count them as just "another pair of shoes."


  1. good looking shoes and great price. That sack of candy looks like Halloween night!!! Holy Cow. It was such a beautiful day here and looks like it there too. I love the picture of you three and that you all had a blast together. :)

  2. nice classification of the shoes.

    Thanks for a great outing! we had a blast.

    looking forward to our next run.