16 August 2009

Welchans Open '09

Earlier this summer, the idea of a family golf outing came to me and I wouldn't let it drop until we finally got it scheduled for this past weekend. To be clear from the get-go, none of us three brothers are golfers. I went the driving range a few times last summer but otherwise have played I think once in the past five or so years. caboose & stoppable (may need to correct me on this) hadn't been on a course in over a decade. kate has played a little more regularly, but has stuck to par-3 courses, so this was something new for her too. I have very fond memories of the Fremont County Golf Course in Sidney. Tons of great times, so I knew that it would have to be the location of our event. Although the weather, sprinkling through the first hole, kept us guessing, we got a great nine holes in and everyone enjoyed what hopefully might become a recurring event. The most notable event of the day was stoppable breaking the heads off of seven irons. You might think this is a sign of racous or careless play, but these were completely normal swings and the heads just broke right off, one after another, after another. The first one was shocking and hilarious, after that it become a spectacle to see how many it would happen to. Kate provided the other highlight, sinking a long-distance put from the very edge of the green on #2. I was very pleased since she was my partner on that hole. Personally, I had my best shot with my first swing of the club. I had a beauty of a drive on the first hole and pretty much went steadily downhill from there. But I did, somehow, end up with the lowest score, so I will bring the champion title to next year's event. Picture set over at flickr.

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  1. This was a blast! I stand by my statement "the best day of golf I've ever had"

    club damage included.